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How To Save On Heating Bills

Written By 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air
January 6, 2023

As the cold weather sets in, some stay warm at their favorite local coffee shop in Charleston while others embrace the low temperatures ice skating at Carolina Ice Palace. No matter your preference, everyone should have a warm and cozy home waiting for their return. However, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature in the winter can heighten utility bills for some. In this blog, we will explain how to keep your heating bills low this winter!

Save Money With These Tips!

Staying comfortable in your home shouldn’t empty your piggy bank. There are many simple tasks you can improve around your home to lower your utility bills. Below are 8 tips to saving on heating bills this winter in Charleston.

  • Maintain Clean Air Filters
  • Install A Smart Thermostat
  • Utilize Ceiling Fans
  • Open Blinds And Curtains
  • Schedule Heating Maintenance
  • Insulate Your Home
  • Seal Air Leaks
  • Open Air Vents

Maintain Clean Air Filters

Air filters determine many aspects about your home other than air quality. If air filters are clogged with dust and debris, your heating system struggles to push air through the filter pores. Not only does this decrease airflow and comfort, but causes your system to work harder and use more energy. We recommend changing your air filters at least every 90 days to maintain positive indoor air quality and lower heating costs. If your home utilizes a furnace, be sure to regularly change the air filter located in the blower compartment as well.

Install A Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can help increase energy savings by its heating and cooling settings. The device connects to Wi-Fi and can be controlled on your mobile device. Smart thermostats monitor your temperature preferences and adjust to energy saving temperatures while residents are asleep or away. According to data gathered by the Environmental Protection Agency, the home device can save users up to 10% on utility bills!

Utilize Ceiling Fans

Did you know that ceiling fans have a setting for both winter and summer? In the winter, ceiling fans create an upward draft and relocate warm air trapped near the ceiling. The warm air redirected can improve comfort and airflow. This process allows homeowners to lower thermostat settings without feeling a temperature difference. The lower the thermostat setting in the winter, the more you will save on heating bills!

Open Blinds And Curtains

A simple and cost effective way to reduce heating bills is to allow sunlight to heat your home. During the day, open blinds and curtains allow sunlight to enter. Not only does this naturally light your home, but can create a warm environment in rooms where sunlight enters.

Schedule Heating Maintenance

High energy bills can be due to underlying issues with your heating system. Heating maintenance allows a 5-Star technician to identify and repair any problems and prevent future issues. Preventative maintenance increases energy efficiency and can help keep heating bills low this winter. Additionally, heating maintenance minimizes needed repairs and the chances of an uncomfortable breakdown.

Insulate Your Home

Insulation can help keep energy bills low by providing resistance to heat flow. As warm air rises, heat can easily escape through your attic if not properly insulated. As heat escapes, your heating unit works harder to make up for lost air. The more heat that escapes, the higher your utility bills will be each month.

Seal Air Leaks

Similar to insulating your home, sealing air leaks can help keep energy bills low. As air escapes, your heating unit is constantly working to meet the thermostat setting. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners can save up to 15% on heating and cooling bills by sealing air leaks and insulating their home. Consider caulking and weather stripping leaks in your home as a cost effective way to keep your home comfortable and your bills low!

Open Air Vents

Contrary to popular belief, closing air vents in your home will not save money on your monthly bills. Air vents in your home should be open, clean, and clear of furniture. Closed vents can create air leaks in your ducts from the increased pressure. Additionally, blocked air vents cause your heating unit to work harder attempting to push air through.

Let us help keep your home comfortable and your heating bills low this winter with these 8 tips. To schedule heating maintenance or repair in Charleston, give us a call! Our expert technicians can help ensure your home stays warm and cozy all season long.