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Are Your Air Ducts Costing You More Than You Think?

Written By 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air
November 18, 2022

If you feel clueless when it comes to your ductwork, we promise you aren’t alone! Many homeowners are unsure of the status of their ductwork, and we are here to help. Did you know your ductwork could be the cause of many things, such as high energy bills and heightened allergy symptoms? In this blog, we will explain how your ductwork can be affecting your home.

Disadvantages Of Leaking Ducts

Air ducts are the pathway that carries air from your heating and cooling unit to the air vents. Leaks can develop inside the ducts and allow air to exit before it reaches the vents. There can be many disadvantages to leaky ductwork, such as:

  • Uncomfortable Temperatures
  • High Utility Bills
  • Poor Air Quality

Uncomfortable Temperatures

Leaky ductwork can result in discomfort in your home due to uneven temperatures. If air is escaping, there is less air to be distributed through air vents. If you have ever experienced hot and cold spots throughout your home, your ductwork could be the cause.

High Utility Bills

Air escaping through cracks in your ductwork results in increased energy usage for your heating and cooling unit. Your HVAC system works harder to produce air for your home and meet the thermostat setting, which decreases energy efficiency. The more energy your system uses, the higher your utility bills will rise. Leaky ducts in Charleston can be costing you more than you think!

Poor Air Quality

Allergens can collect in your ducts and your indoor air quality. Leaks and cracks act as an entryway for dust and other pollutants, which gets picked up as air runs through your ducts and spreads around your home. If you notice more dust accumulating or residents sneezing more often, leaky ducts could be the culprit.

How Do Air Leaks Form In Ducts?

Ducts are often overlooked, because of their behind the scenes role. However, ignoring them can lead to discomfort and costly consequences. Air leaks in your ductwork can form in various ways, including:

  • Wear and Tear
  • Age
  • Pressure
  • Animals and Pests

Wear and Tear

Over the years, it is normal for your ductwork to deteriorate. Typical wear and tear can cause cracks and leaks in ducts. For example, the sealing materials can crack with age and result in leaks.


Similar to most home appliances, your ductwork does not last forever. Overtime, ductwork segments can become loose and cause air leaks. We recommend staying knowledgeable about your ductwork’s age so you are ready to combat the effects age brings.


When we say maintaining open air vents is important, we mean it! Closed or blocked air vents can increase pressure in your ductwork, so keep your vents open, clean, and clear. There are many other factors to cause variances in pressure and lead to air leaks.

Animals and Pests

Small animals or pests, such as mice and squirrels, can find shelter in your ducts. Animals can damage your ducts due to factors like chewing through material and the weight of their bodies.

Ductwork Services In Charleston

Leaky ductwork can be robbing your piggy bank and increasing your allergy symptoms each season. It is important to remain knowledgeable on the status and age of your ducts, because it could save your comfort, time, and money. To ensure your ducts are in top shape, give one of our expert technicians a call! We offer ductwork inspections, repair, and installation services in Charleston and surrounding areas. Our expert team members can help keep your utility bills low and duct leaks to a minimum. Additionally if your heating unit is battling air leaks and becomes overworked, we can be there with heating repair and maintenance! Whatever the service, we have you covered at 5 Star Charleston.