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Fall Maintenance Checklist

Written By 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air
October 17, 2022

Fall is in full swing in Charleston, which means heating system season is near! Whether you are enjoying the comfortable outdoor temperatures or have already turned on your heater, it is important to not skip out on heating maintenance. In this article, we will provide a fall maintenance checklist to ensure your heating system is ready for the season ahead!

Why Is Fall Maintenance Important?

Fall maintenance is important to ensure your unit is prepared for the winter and its home heating requirements. Repairs and breakdowns can be costly and uncomfortable, and our maintenance checklist can help avoid obstructions. Simply put – performing fall maintenance can help increase your HVAC system’s efficiency and effectiveness to heat your home.

Homeowner Maintenance

There are many things homeowners can do to benefit their heating system and ensure it is ready for the workload winter brings. Below is a fall maintenance checklist to follow to prepare your HVAC unit!

  • Change Air Filters
  • Schedule HVAC Maintenance
  • Clear Dust From Vents
  • Clean Unit
  • Winterize Your AC System
  • Replace Batteries In Safety Devices

Change Air Filters

The fall season can bring allergies for some, which is why indoor air quality is essential. Ensure your air filters are clean and free of debris to cut down on allergy symptoms and keep you breathing easy. Clogged air filters can overwork your system, because it struggles to push air through the filter pores. To keep heating bills low this winter, replace your filter at least every 3 months!

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system should be looked at by a professional twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall. It is important to schedule a fall maintenance appointment with your 5 Star Charleston technician to properly ensure your heating unit is ready for winter. There are many components your technician will inspect and repair as needed, such as:

  • Lubricate motor bearing and other moving parts
  • Verify electrical connections
  • Clean inside and outside of unit
  • Inspect and clear drain line

Our maintenance checklist varies depending on the type of heating system your home utilizes. Regardless of the type of unit, underlying issues can easily go unnoticed and result and obstructions can harm efficiency. Give us a call for a trained professional to provide an in-depth inspection of your heating unit and all components.

Clear Dusts From Vents

Dust and debris can collect on your air vents and spread around your house and ducts. To maintain good air quality, clean your air vents with a rag or vacuum. Ensuring your vents remain clear can help residents in your home breathe easy all winter.

Clean Units

Due to your heating system sitting since last season, it has likely collected dust or debris. Before turning it on, clear items that can obstruct airflow. If your heating system is outdoors, remove leaves and other debris from the weather. If your system is indoors, clean dust and other items from the area. Your heating system needs room to breathe, otherwise it could result in high bills and a breakdown!

Replace Batteries In Safety Devices

Before turning on your heating system, it is important to ensure all safety devices are working properly. Fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are essential to home safety and should be checked regularly. Once you verify both devices have working batteries, press the “test” button to make sure there are no malfunctions.

Maintenance services can help prevent heating problems this winter. While homeowners should check each task off this fall maintenance checklist, scheduling professional maintenance is the most essential. Our expert technicians can help ensure health and catch underlying problems before they result in bigger, costly ones. Give us a call to schedule your fall maintenance check up today!