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Make Your Home Smart With These Tips

Written By 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air
February 2, 2022

Incorporating HVAC Products to Make Your Home Smart

Smart home automation is growing increasingly popular. It allows a homeowner to control all of your home’s devices from one central hub. This process is known as smart home automation. It allows homeowners to connect thermostats, window blinds, outlets, lights, speakers, clocks, cameras, locks, doorbells, vacuums, appliances and more!

Automating processes can increase security, save time, reduce costs and make life simpler. Incorporating a thermostat into a smart home will save homeowners on energy costs and reduce utility costs over time. Did you know that heating and cooling account for 40% of a home’s energy costs, so to have the ability to reduce costs is essential and helpful.

Nexia Thermostat

Customers that use the Nexia Thermostat have seen savings of 10-12% on their energy bills. With the Nexia, you can monitor and control your home’s climate from anywhere.

Ordinary Old Thermostats

Are you still using a thermostat that has an analog display and a sliding manual temperature adjuster? Sure, they work, but it’s hard to tell what temperature you’re setting. You have to manually turn them on and off and they often do not read the temperature right in the first place. If you’re still using an old model, it’s time to upgrade to a programmable thermostat. Stay energy efficient and save money on utility bills.