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AC Installation in Johns Island, SC

Johns Island, South Carolina, has mild winters. The lush and beautiful surroundings promise easy access to Charleston, and this combination makes it incredibly livable. Perhaps that’s why the area’s population has grown massively over a few years.

Still, locals understand that the area also gets very hot and humid in the peak of summer. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need an AC installation to stay comfortable. Thankfully, when it comes to hassle-free HVAC installation services in Johns Island, 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air is a top choice.

Reliable Air Conditioner Installation Services

5 Star Charleston Heating & Air offers professional AC installation services you can count on. 

During the installation process in Johns Island, expect the following:

  • Free estimates on all installations
  • Removal of your old system
  • Help to select a new system
  • Install, test, and set up your new unit

What To Consider When Choosing a New Air Conditioner

When choosing a new air conditioner in Johns Island, look at the SEER rating.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

The SEER rating measures the system’s energy efficiency. A SEER rating above 18 is great. 

Why Work With the Professionals at 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air?

Cooling system installation is a breeze with 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air. Here’s why.

Improved Energy Savings

Let’s find a system that works for your energy needs. An energy-efficient AC installation will use less energy, reducing your energy bills in the long run.

Fast and Easy Installation

When you call us, you’ll work with a real person to set up your installation as quickly as possible. The installation team moves just as quickly to put your comfort first.

Peace of Mind

5 Star Charleston Heating & Air has a history of success. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our AC installation team will always complete the work safely.

The 5 Star Way

Why choose our Johns Island team to install your air conditioner? We’re available, trustworthy, and passionate about this work, which separates us from the competition. 

Flexible Financing

Installing your new cooling unit is affordable with us because your financing options are safe, secure, and confidential.

Schedule Your AC Installation in Johns Island, SC, Today

Are you ready to put in a new air conditioner for your Johns Island, SC, property? Embrace home comfort and call 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air at 843-894-3266 today!


What do Johns Island air conditioning owners ask us? Here are some common questions.

How Long Does It Take To Install a New Air Conditioner?

Typically, it takes about four to eight hours to install a new air conditioner. The size of the system, the weather, and the accessibility of the unit also impact the timing.

What Should You Expect During AC Installation?

During an AC installation, you should expect the technician to disconnect and remove any old unit, hook up new lines and wiring, and install the new unit. Then, the air conditioning installers test the system to ensure it all works correctly.

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