Maintain Your HVAC Unit to Beat the Supply Shortage

Written By 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air
September 14, 2021

Like almost every other industry, the HVAC industry has been hit with supply shortages due to the pandemic. The scarcity of labor along with the stay-at-home orders that have been happening all over the country have put raw materials, equipment, and parts in short supply. However, 5 Star Charleston Heating and Air has been able to fill the needs of its annual maintenance customers. Take these tips from our experience so that you can avoid being a victim of the pandemic’s current shortage in supplies.

Tips For Beating The Pandemic’s Supply Shortage

Maintain Your HVAC Unit

Just like your car, your heating and air conditioning unit needs to be maintained to run properly. Regular maintenance will help you avoid inconvenient breaks and costly repairs. If your unit doesn’t break down, you won’t be scrambling to get it fixed. Supply issues won’t be a problem for you!

Purchase A Maintenance Plan

Getting a maintenance plan is the most cost-effective and efficient way to make sure you are having your HVAC unit serviced regularly. We remember for you when it’s time for us to come out. Plus, we give you discounts on all our repairs, and we give you priority for scheduling and parts. We want to work together to be your trusted ally during this time of supply shortages.

Don’t Wait On Repairs

If something doesn’t seem right about your heating and air conditioning unit, don’t wait to have it looked at. Catching a problem sooner rather than later will help you avoid the inconvenience of having a unit that won’t run at all, especially at a time when the wait for parts can be up to four weeks.

In short, avoid emergencies as much as possible, but if you do have an emergency, trust 5 Star Charleston to come to the rescue. Partner with us now to become an annual maintenance customer, and you will be ready for any heating and air conditioning problem you may have in the future.

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Customer Reviews

See what our customers are saying about 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air! Our team is highly rated for professionalism, quality, and integrity.

  • “As a preferred Lennox dealer, Five Star was able to have the new unit delivered the very next day after I agreed to proceed with the work. Installation and testing was completed in less than a day, and after a ...
    - Kevin M.
  • “Guys came out to perform yearly maintenance and spent extra time helping us brainstorm ways to move the units (for an upcoming renovation) They took the extra time to figure out a perfect solution. Highly recom...
    - Emily H.
  • “We had been having issues with our package unit while in heat mode, and Todd with 5 Star came out and gave a timely, intelligent diagnosis of the issue (a bad control board). We had previously had 3 other HVAC ...
    - Erinn K.
  • “Steven and his crew are the best. Before installing a new unit Steven asked your concerns, he doesn’t just look at what you have and give a quote. Then he takes measurements, concerns and what you expect in, do...
    - Jackie Z.
  • “We don’t have enough good things to say about this business. They were very friendly and extremely helpful with our air conditioning issues. They went above and beyond on multiple occasions helping out my famil...
    - Taque P.
  • “We needed a new vent added in the laundry room and also needed a shop added to force more air into the front bedroom. They were very quick to respond and provide a quote and then very professional when they ret...
    - Griffin P.

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