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Reliable AC Maintenance in West Ashley, SC

Springtime is the region’s best time of the year if you want to soak up everything West Ashley, SC, has on offer. Whether you want to walk along the Ashley River to explore nature or relax on Folly Beach or one of the other local beaches, West Ashley and the entire Charleston, SC, coastline offers it all. Just don’t forget to schedule the year’s AC maintenance in West Ashley, SC, before the summer months come around!

At 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air, our experts recommend these services in the spring to prepare your West Ashley home’s cooling system for the heat. If you’re local, you already know that once the region’s summer temperatures creep into the 80s and even the 90s, your cooling system upkeep shows its quality. Thankfully, 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air’s dependable HVAC maintenance services have everything your system needs to work perfectly all season long.

What Does a Typical AC Tune-Up Include?

During your property’s AC maintenance in West Ashley, SC, the 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air team inspects everything to ensure it’s working smoothly. Our AC tune-up includes the following and more:

  • Check your system coil’s refrigerant levels
  • Clean dust, dirt, and other debris out of your cooling unit
  • Tighten loose parts
  • Change air filters

The tune-up will also point out potential problems with your air conditioning system and recommend repairs. 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air’s professional AC servicing will leave you with a full report regarding the current condition of your air conditioning system and reliable solutions to any problems we find.

The Top Benefits of Scheduling Timely Air Conditioner Maintenance

Routine AC maintenance may seem unnecessary when everything appears to be running quite smoothly for your unit. However, these small tweaks before and after the air conditioner’s peak usage in summer can prevent you from paying for costly replacements or emergency call-outs later. 

If these cost-savings aren’t enough, here are other benefits to consider when air conditioner maintenance becomes a priority for you:

  • Energy-efficient air conditioners cost less to run and lower your carbon footprint
  • Clean, fully functional air conditioners improve indoor air quality to safeguard your health
  • Smooth operation extends the lifespan of your air conditioning system by taking strain off of the delicate components

Maintenance also checks the safety aspects of your air conditioning.

Trust Us To Perform AC Maintenance in West Ashley, SC

Don’t rely on just any AC maintenance in West Ashley, SC—call 5 Star Charleston Heating & Air at 843-894-3266 for the best local HVAC maintenance services! 


Here are common questions from our West Ashley customers about AC maintenance services.

How Often Should I Schedule AC Maintenance?

You should aim to schedule AC maintenance once each year in the spring, which prepares your system for the summer. Maintenance in the fall also addresses any wear and tear after the summer’s peak usage to help your unit last longer.

What Might Happen If I Don’t Keep Up With AC Maintenance?

If you don’t prioritize AC maintenance, you’ll find more frequent and more expensive air conditioning repairs coming up. Once your unit works harder than usual to cool your home because it’s ill-maintained, it won’t last long.

Can I Perform AC Maintenance Myself?

You can perform some AC maintenance in West Ashley, SC, yourself, such as replacing the unit’s air filter every one to three months. A reputable HVAC company should always handle the other maintenance tasks, though.

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