How To Clean Your AC System

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August 17, 2022

Your air conditioner is an essential component to your home. Like any important appliance, it needs proper care to function efficiently and effectively for many years. Your air conditioning system needs a good clean from time to time to ensure its health. For best results, we recommend contacting a professional to clean your air conditioner to ensure the process is done correctly. In this blog, we will detail how to clean your AC system and the importance behind it.

Why Clean My Air Conditioner?

A clean air conditioner brings many monetary and health benefits to you and your home. Your air conditioner will run more efficiently, which will decrease the chance of having a breakdown in the Charleston heat. Along with increased efficiency, your cooling bills will be lowered due to less energy being used. Your air conditioner is running overtime to keep up with cooling demands in the summer heat, so we encourage you to keep the system clean to ease its process!

Benefits Of Cleaning Your AC System

There are many advantages to keeping your car, home, and other things you care about clean. Below are a few benefits to cleaning your AC system.

  • Reduce Strain On Your AC System
  • Lengthen The Life Of Your Unit
  • Reduce Energy Bill
  • Decrease Possibility Of A Breakdown
  • Boost Efficiency

How To Clean Your Air Conditioning System

Your air conditioning system can be cleaned in many different ways. It can be cleaned by changing filters or physically cleaning the unit. Below we have provided different ways to clean your air conditioning unit to maximize efficiency.

Change Your Air Filter.

You should be changing your air filter every 60-90 days depending on your home and preferences. A clogged air filter can create many different problems for your air conditioner and cause it to work harder. If you need help changing or locating your air filter, give us a call! We are happy to keep your AC system healthy.

Hose Down Your Outdoor Unit.

Your outdoor air conditioner is exposed to various weather conditions and debris. We recommend keeping the water at mid to low pressure levels and spraying it down completely on a regular basis. If debris such as pollen, grass clippings, or dirt is on the outside of the unit, air will pull in the debris and harm efficiency and airflow.

Pick Up Around Your Outside Unit.

Branches and other debris can fall near or on top of your air conditioning unit and threaten its ability to function. Be sure to regularly check on your outdoor unit, especially after storms, to ensure it is clear of debris you can easily remove.

Clean The AC Coils.

Both condenser and evaporator coils are located inside your AC unit, so this cleaning process involves many steps. You must first power off your AC system and then locate the coils. You may use a professional cleaning solution, but detergent and water will work just fine. Apply the detergent and water mix to the coils and gently wipe down with a cloth. Keep water pressure low, and rinse the coils off once cleaned. Wait until your coils are dry before powering back on your AC system. To ensure this process is done correctly, we recommend contacting a professional.

Clean The AC Drain Pan & Line.

Along with cooling your home, your air conditioner removes humidity. The excess moisture drips into the drain pan and exits outside through the drain line. It is important to ensure that your drain line is clear for many reasons such as mold and mildew growth and potential AC flooding. A clogged drain line can lead to a leak, which could run floors and furniture, and decreased efficiency. Locate your drain line and pour a vinegar and water solution down the line to remove any clogs. For best results, allow your Five-Star technician to ensure your drain line is free of clogs at your maintenance appointment.

Regular maintenance and cleaning is essential for your air conditioner’s health, lifespan, and efficiency. We encourage homeowners to consider these steps to keep a well maintained system, and scheduling HVAC maintenance twice a year!

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