Insulation Charleston SCChances are that your home could benefit from new insulation.  Even homes that have been recently built to code don’t have adequate insulation to stop unwanted air flow.  And older homes typically have an even greater need for updated insulation.

Your home loses and gains heat in three ways:

  • Convection – from air moving inside your home
  • Conduction – through the walls of your home
  • Radiation – from the roof to the ceiling

The most common insulation used in the attic of homes does little or nothing to stop radiation.  The result is high utility bills.  Therefore, if you would like to save money and be more comfortable in your home, it’s time to take a look at your insulation.

Five Star Charleston Heating and Air offers the most effective insulation and eco-friendly insulation on the market today.  Call us today for a free energy analysis of your home!